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Traditional Farms

The fields of lending traditional farms are various, including lending agricultural supplies and equipments for modern irrigation and plows and plungers and their attachments, in addition to machines to chop agricultural waste, and more machines for agricultural purposes.

The idea of the funding:

Contributing to funding investment and operational funding of agricultural lands to prepare them for agricultural activities.


  1. An ownership document of the agricultural land.
  2. A sketch drawing explaining the area and coordinates of he location.
  3. An agricultural license issued by the Ministry of Environment.
  4. An acknowledgment to approve the customer's credit record from the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH).
  5. A water meter on the producing well.​

For more information, please visit the nearest branch or main headquarters of the ADF in Riyadh

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You can contact us by:


Phone:  011 - 2118617

Fax:  011 - 2935689

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