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Fattening Calves

The conditions of lending specialized projects (individuals):

  1. An acknowledgment to approve the customer's credit record from the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH).
  2. Calves insurance contract for calves fattening projects.
  3. An acceptable electronic copy of the economic feasibility study. It must meet the specifications and explain the technical, financial and marketing study of the project.
  4. A ministerial license for establishing the project must be submitted from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade and Investment with the a license from the municipality in case the site is within the urban scope.
  5. An agricultural register issued by the Ministry of Environment.
  6. A copy of the national ID in case the applicant was Saudi.
  7. The borrower must be at least 21 years of age.
  8. A space survey of the project must be conducted by an approved engineering office, and any coordinates must be explained.
  9. A legal agency meeting the conditions of the Fund, according to the following text, and the agent shall have the right to borrow from ADF through signing the contract to receive the loans, as well as sign everything that requires attendance at the ADF, alongside with solidarity with the guarantors in full payment before signing the contract.
  10. Identical copies of the documents.
  11. Repaying the installments owed by the Fund's client or his guarantors if there was a previous dealing with the Fund
  12. Providing the necessary guarantees given that there must be no dues owed to the Fund by the guarantors.
  13. Presenting what proves the client's financial solvency, a bank statement of the past six months, properties or real estate, and a shares portfolio.
  14. Signing a form of acknowledgment and a pledge to approve the query on the customer's credit report through the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH).
  15. Paying the fees of the examination.
  16. Integrated engineering plans for the project.
  17. A land possession document ownership deed, a government lease contract fit for the funding period, and a lease contract containing the Fund's conditions, taking into account the following:
  • The title deed must fulfill all the legal procedures.
  • The deeds issued from the notaries to empty part of the described land, either with a deed issued by the court or a deed that is part of another deed with a notary, making sure that its basis is known.
  • The lease must have a deed issued for it either from a notary or a specialized court. A copy must be attached to it, with a title deed or one that fulfills all the legal procedures proving the ownership of the land for which the loan is made. The period must not be less than 15 years, with the approval of the lessor to mortgage the land in exchange for the loan.

The conditions of lending specialized projects for companies:

For companies' applications, it is important to provide identical copies of each of the following:

  1. Calves insurance contract for calves fattening projects.
  2. An establishment contract.
  3. Commercial Register.
  4. The last three annual budgets of the existing companies and projects.
  5. A record of the board members.
  6. A letter from the Board of Directors of the company requesting the loan with an authorization of the representative who would review the fund and conclude the contract.
  7. Saudization certificate.
  8. Letter from the General Authority Zakat and Income.
  9. A license for practicing the activity issued by the General Authority for Investment for foreign companies, accompanied by a photocopy of the passport for non-Saudi partners. All the conditions applied on foreign investors are also applicable on this case. These conditions are issued by the General Authority for Investment or other competent authorities.


The conditions of lending specialized projects for associations:

For the applications of cooperative associations, it is important to provide a identical copies of each of the following:

  1. Calves insurance contract for calves fattening projects
  2. The last two reports of the meeting of the General Assembly.
  3. The report of the meeting of the board of directors of the association including the loan application, and the authorization of representatives on behalf of the members of the association in reviewing the request and signing the contract.
  4. A copy of the assembly's internal system, an establishment contract and the internal bylaw of the association.
  5. A certificate of registration of the association at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
  6. A statement of the company's capital and its assets, explaining the activity of the association in the previous period.
  7. A Letter of support from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the Council of Cooperative Societies.
  8. The last three budgets approved by an accounting office.

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