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New loan service

This service is used to calculate loans and apply for a loan.

Revisioner service remotely

This service allows customers and citizens to conduct a (Revision service remotely), through which they communicate with the specialists of the Agricultural Development Fund instead of visiting the headquarters of the Fund (the main center, branches and service centers).

Appointment booking service

This service is used to request an appointment with the head office or to meet the general manager or with the branches.

Contact us service

This service is used to send an inquiry, complaint or suggestion.

Supply Chain Sector

It is in which economic resources are invested to build and manage production structures with the aim of obtaining an annual return in a specific period and includes the following: 1. Cold warehouse project. 2. Agricultural Products Laboratory Project. 3. Agricultural Products Marketing Center Project. 4. Cooling cell factory project. 5. Potato tuber tissue laboratory project. 6. Feed marketing and distribution center project. 7. Cattle slaughterhouse project + cattle and fodder market. 8. A group market project for vegetables, fruits and meat.

Batch Disbursement Request

This service facilitates the processing of batch disbursement requests submitted by the client. Disbursements are made based on the achievement of goals, where an accomplishment report is generated, reviewed, and approved. The project completion percentage is then entered, followed by approval of the disbursement percentage after authorization by the authorized party.

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