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The idea of financing the activity through direct funding within short-term credit services for regular operating loans is to grant loans, represented in operational costs for livestock breeding for the top small clients who breed cattle ( owning 50-250 ​head of livestock) registered with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture until 01/01/2018. The funding is provided in the form of two payments paid in monthly installments within a period of no longer than two years and a grace period of (six) months for each payment.

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  1. The applicant must be registered at the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture before 1/1/2018.
  2. Submitting a data slide from the Department of Civil Status proving that the person is not a government employee, in addition to submitting a data slide from the General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) if the person is not working in the private sector.
  3. The applicant must not be an employee (government - private).
  4. The applicant must be at least 21 years of age.
  5. The funding is limited to smaller cattle breeders (50 - 250 heads of cattle).
  6. The applicant must pass the introductory course in the field of breeding cattle in order to obtain the funding.

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You can also visit the nearest branch of the ADF in your area

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