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Fixed Beekeeping

​The idea of the funding:

Contributing to funding the operational costs of beekeepers who have the license to practice the activity.


  1. The land must be owned in accordance with an acceptable document for the Fund.
  2. A license and permit for beekeepers must be obtained from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.
  3. An sunshade must be built for the apiary's beehives.
  4. The apiary must be surrounded by a fence of barbed wire that prevents reaching it without entering through a special gate.
  5. The apiary can be loaned modern beehives (Langstroth) and the number of hives must not exceed 100.
  6. The apiary must be away from public places and animal barns.

You can also visit the nearest branch of the ADF in your area

Click here to find the nearest branch in your area


You can contact us by:​

Phone:  011 - 2118634

Fax:  011 - 2171613​

Last updated: 10/8/2018 2:52
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