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Fishing Boats

​The idea of the funding:

Contributing to the investment and operational costs of fishing through direct funding for a long-term repayment period.


  1. The fisherman who gets an approval (licensing) from the Department of Fish Wealth at the Ministry of Environment receives a loan for one fiberglass or iron boat, with preparations that include engines and fishing methods.
  2. The Borrower's profession must be changed to “professional fisherman" by the Civil Status Department.
  3. The number of boats owned by the fisherman and funded by the Fund shall not exceed two.
  4. The fisherman's center of activity shall not be moved to another area without the consent of the Fund and the approval of other competent authorities.
  5. The person requesting the loan must be a residence of the same area the office is located.

For more information, please visit the nearest branch or main headquarters of the ADF in Riyadh

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