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D.Salah Alaeed

Dr. Salah bin Muhammad Al-Eid obtained a bachelor’s degree in food industries from King Faisal University in 1986, and obtained a master’s degree in grain technology in 1993, and a doctorate in food science and technology in 1996 from Kansas State University in the United States of America. Dr. Salah worked Al-Eid, Head of the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences at King Faisal University in 1997-2017 in three periods, Director of the Center for Research Excellence in Palms and Dates in 2006-2013, Assistant Director of the Palm and Dates Research Center in 2005-2006, and Assistant Director of the Information Technology Center in 2003-2004, Vice-Dean of the College of Agricultural and Food Sciences for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research in 1999-2003, and Head of the Department of Food Science and Technology at King Faisal University in 1997-2002.

He has several research projects and scientific consultations. He is also the chairman and member of the boards of directors for various parties, and a cooperating member with some centers, bodies, organizations, local and international, and he has international participation and representation, and he has books in international publishing houses, he also holds patents, and won several awards. Scientific.​

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