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  • Preparing the Fund’s draft budget.
  • Collecting the revenues and service charges on loans and the installments paid by borrowers.
  • Supervising the disbursements of the budget by the branches and departments of the Center.
  • Carrying out necessary transactions to cover the needs that arise throughout the year.
  • Reinforcing branches and departments of the Center with the necessary items for the conduct of their business.
  • Implementing the main accounting operations with the accuracy, according to the manual of financial and accounting executive procedures within the Fund.
  • Supervising the management of the financial and accounting aspects of the Fund in accordance with the approved financial and accounting regulations and procedures.
  • Examining the requests for exemptions from agricultural loans received from His Highness, the King, and the Ministry of Finance.
  • Filing complaints and claims to government and executive bodies against payers who postpone their payments and defaulters.
  • Answering the queries received by the Fund from the Royal Court or various government bodies.
  • Examining and preparing plans and programs for the follow-up of collection procedures.
  • Resolving the issues facing collectors at branches and offices.​
Last updated: 5/30/2018 4:07
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