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Dr. Faisal bin Sultan Al-Subaie

​Dr. Faisal bin Sultan Al-Subaie received his bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences from the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at King Saud University in Al-Qassim in 1409AH. Afterwards, he received the master’s degree in orchards from the College of Agriculture at King Saud University in 1416AH. He then received his philosophy PhD in agricultural extension education from Pennsylvania University, USA, in 1433AH.

Dr. Al-Subaie then worked as a Vice Dean of the College of Food and Agriculture Sciences for Development and Quality at King Saud University from 22 Dhu Al-Qa’da 1431AH to 4 Rabia Al-Awal 1436AH. He was then assigned as the Vice Dean OF Graduate Studies for Development and Quality in King Saud University from 5 Rabia Al-Awal 1436AH to 14 Rajab 1436AH. He was also a member of many committees and work teams. 
He was appointed as Deputy Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Agricultural Affairs on 16 Rajab 1436AH, then a Deputy Minister for Water Affairs from 17 Dhu Al-Qa’da until the present time.   ​

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