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Dr. Mohammed bin Yahya Al-Sayadi

Dr. Mohamed bin Yahya Al-Sayadi received a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences from King Saud University, specializing in animal production and food technology. He also received a master's degree and PhD in animal nutrition from the University of Utah, USA, with excellent grades. After his graduation, he worked as an Assistant Professor and then a Professor at the College of Agriculture at the Department of Animal Production, King Saud University.

He occupied several managerial and technical positions and worked as a director of the Agricultural Research Center at the same college, 1411 - 1413AH. He was then Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Agency, 1425 - 1430AH. He is currently the Deputy CEO for Research and Development at Arasco Feed Company.

Dr. Al-Sayadi has supervised many master and PhD theses inside and outside the department. He has over 50 published research in global and local specialized scientific journals. He also has some guidance releases in the field of animal production.

He received the Scientific Publishing Award on the level off North America for Animal Science in 1982 and participated in many scientific seminars, forums, and conferences, locally and internationally.

Last updated: 5/30/2018 3:59
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